Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stenciled Vintage Crate

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Last October I picked up this great vintage crate at a flea market in Wisconsin.  I new when I saw it, I wanted to stencil it exactly as you see above.  I didn't use a fancy cricut or freezer paper.  All you need are a few things to turn an ordinary blah item into something special!

Ordinary Blah Item!
Items Needed:
-exacto knife
-contact paper (clear or frosted, you need to be able to see through it a bit)
-access to computer and printer
-acrylic paint
-bristle brush
-imagination (only a little, don't worry!)

-First, print out whatever words you want to stencil. It doesn't have to be in a fancy shape or design, you lay it out how you want it.

-Next, cut out each letter.  This really doesn't take too long, unless you are doing something for a child's room and printing out:  SUPERCALIFRADGILISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUS.  That would be a bad idea :)

-Lay out your letters on your item you plan to stencil, in any pattern you want.

-Lay the contact paper over the item and letters, starting at one side and smoothing down until you reach the end.  I cut my contact paper to the approximate size I needed with a little overage for either end.  (You know how you smooth on the protective sheet on your tablet, cell phone, gaming devices?'s the same concept for laying out the contact paper.)

-Then go ahead and grab that exacto knife, cut the letters out again.  This goes quickly...cutting contact paper feels like you are cutting butter.  I know, I know, cut again?!  Yes, remember this is an easy craft that anyone can do who doesn't have a lot of crafting supplies.

-Then grab your paint and brush.  Just add a little paint to the brush.  It is best to use a dry brush.  It's nice to have a rougher finish instead of a smooth even coat of paint.  I use the paper backer of the contact paper to squirt the paint on.

-Fill in each letter with paint.  It dries pretty quickly so you can peel the contact paper off as soon as you are done.  Save the stencil though...I have another project you can use it for.  I'll show you that one in a couple days.

That's all!  I can use this crate for serving an outdoor lunch, keeping my magazines or blankets in, as a display piece for flowers...the possibilities are endless.


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