Monday, January 16, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons...Squeeze!

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I made a simple dietary change recently.  Each morning I begin with a lukewarm glass of water with fresh lemon juice.  It was Simon Cowell of American Idol fame that actually led me to researching the benefits.  You see, it was the 4th time I had heard somebody mention the great benefits of adding a cup of water and fresh lemon juice to your daily routine.  What I found was amazing, and the results, thus far, amazing as well!

Lemon water, oh how I love you.  Let me count the ways!

1.  It's great for your skin!  It contains vitamic C which helps fight wrinkles and that nasty little aging process.

2.  It has somehow reduced my craving for coffee in the morning.  I haven't found scientific evidence showing why, maybe it's in my head, but it's a good thing!

3.  Aids the liver in removing toxins.

4.  Improves the digestive process.

5.  Improves symptoms of heartburn.

6.  Reduces constipation

7.  Is a natural diuretic which helps with bloating.  This also helps flush toxins and bacteria from the body.

8.  Best of all....IT AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS!!!!!  I lost 7lbs. in the first 7 days.  Now don't go thinking you can just drink lemon water and lose weight...I have also been running again, weight training, using to track my calories, and adjusted many of my poor eating habits.  I just haven't seen such a large number in just 1 week before.

I drink my lemon water first thing in the morning as this is best, but can be beneficial when taken a half hour prior to eating as well.

Now run to the store and buy yourself some lemons!  

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  1. Great job on the weight loss, Kindra.
    Beautiful pictures, too! I'd love the one with the ball jar to hang in my kitchen :)

  2. I've been doing this too! I started at the beginning of the year. I don't have the results you have had, but I'm hanging in there. It's nice to read that there are others out there doing it too. Thanks! Lisa~

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I've been very diligent on my calorie count as well. I can typically lose 4-5lbs the first week a "diet", so the extra 2lbs was a bonus. I don't expect to keep losing at this rate unfortunately :) Hang in there!

  3. I really don't like lemons (or lemon juice) buy I'm thinking about running out and buying some now!

    1. Funny Jamie, neither did I. I thought it would be even worse not using ice cold water, but I was surprised at how pleasant tasting it was . I use a half a lemon for 2-3 days with 8oz each morning. Try using room temp water! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love lemons! Thanks for the tips!

  5. I have heard about this before and sometimes have done it but never keep it up! I think I will go get some lemons tomorrow!! Glad all your work it paying off for you! Thanks for a great post!

  6. I do this sometimes. Have you tried putting a small piece of cucumber in your pitcher? I like the taste as well although I haven't researched whether it has any health benefits or not.

  7. I used to do this. maybe I should start again! Congrats on your weight loss and achieving your fitness goals!

  8. Congratulations with your weight loss and new or renewed healthy lifestyle choices. I've heard a lot about the lemon water "diet" meaning drinking it first thing in the morning. Thanks for sharing your facts about its benefits.



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