Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Potted Herb Wreath

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 I love fresh herbs, especially in the summertime.  Although it doesn't feel close to summer here in Chicago, I'm getting geared up for it.  This year I am straying from my traditional planter.  I created something that is much cuter.  This wreath can easily be moved from the hot sun and receive some shade as needed.  This was a quick and easy and cheap project.  Oooh, I like those three words!  So let's dig in to this cool project.

You will need:  Floral Wire, Clay Pots - 6, Ribbon, Twig Wreath, Hot Glue Gun 

 Start by wrapping your ribbon around your pot and cut so ribbon slightly overlaps.  Cut 6 pieces of ribbon.  Glue one short end of the ribbon starting just below the lip of the pot.  Wrap your ribbon around the pot adding a couple of small dabs of glue at the edge of the ribbon closest to the lip.  This step is important!  Do not add glue all over the pot or you will NOT be able to gather the extra fabric.  As seen in the above photo, pinch the fabric closer to the back side of the pot and glue fabric.  Add an extra dab of glue to the 2 little flaps that we know have and glue back.  Repeat this for the other 5 pots.
 Next, create a bow with your fabric and leave enough fabric hanging on both sides to wrap around wire a little later.  Use your floral wire and slide it through the back side of the knot.  Twist the wire to create a loop for hanging.  Twist your ribbon around the wire.  Use hot glue or Fabri-Tac to glue the ends of the ribbon closed.  Attach the ends of the wire to the wreath.
 Now take your floral wire and wrap around the underside of the lip of your pot.
 Twist the wire on the back side.  Position your pot on the wreath and slide both ends of the wire through the wreath.  Twist the wire on the back of the wreath.

There you go...easy as pie!  Actually, pies take a while to make, this only took 20minutes.  Now all that's left to do is wait for warmer weather and get some herbs planted!


  1. Great idea! I can totally see this making a great mother's day gift, with the herbs planted and ready to go :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. huh. cutest thing ever, and totally different than anything i've seen before. i could absolutely see this for a wedding shower or something. great idea and great job!

  3. @the cape on the corner

    Thanks Cape on the Corner. With so many fantastic bloggers and crafty people out there, it is hard to find original things. I hadn't seen this before either. I'm a new follower BTW!

  4. This is a fantastic way to grow herbs, certainly puts the herbs I'm growing to shame! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You've linked up some really cute stuff! Thanks so much for linking up over at thrifty thursdays!
    I'm featuring your locket tomorrow!
    Lyssa @ born-again crafter

  6. @Lyssa
    Thanks so much Lyssa! Love your blog!


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